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Mr.hoetker rocks

January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

I am nominating my English teacher Mr.Hoekter. He is average height. He is crazy, and caring at the same time. He talks really loud sometimes I can hear him from down the hall. He is not other teachers he actually lets you talk. That’s why Mr. Hoetker rocks.

Mr. H does not talk like a boring old man. He talks like a teenager. Since he doesn’t talk like a grandpa he can be under stood so he makes a point. About a week ago we played bingo with a twist if we got bingo we got to have a light saber fight with him.

Mr. Hoetker is funny he tells us crazy stories. He also jokes around a lot. He also raps when a kid makes a rhyme. He is also weird when he isn’t trying to not be weird he is weird.

Also Mr. Hoetker gives us easy but fun assignments. One time he gave us an assignment. Which it was write a children’s book then go to Monroe to read the books to kids’ class.

I nominate Mr. Hoetker because these reasons. He is the best teacher that I have ever had. He cares by not saying it do it yourself.

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