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From the sidelines to the olympics: One girls dream a reality

September 21, 2009
By LindsayLew GOLD, Dallas, Texas
LindsayLew GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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LW: What reaction did you have when you found out you were going to the Olympics?

NL: It was a dream come true I had worked for so many years and its always been one of my dreams and goals to go so when I knew I had made the team it was a big excitement.

LW: How do you differentiate you father from dad and coach?

NL: At the gym he’s just my coach and at home he’s just my dad so we separate it that way and try not to cross the two.

LW: What was your opinion of China?

NL: It was very cool and it was very different everything is so different from the culture to the food but it was a great experience

LW: When did you know that you had won the gold all around medal?

NL: At the very end after floor and after I was second to last and the final competitor had gone and I saw the standings I knew.

LW: How has your life changed since returning from Beijing?

NL: It’s very busy you know traveling almost every weekend a lot of really cool opportunities and experience but definitely busy.

LW: Most memorable person you met at the Olympics.

NL: I don’t know

LW: You’re tied with Shannon miller with 9 world championships do you plan on going for a tenth, how long do you se yourself competing?

NL: Definitely that’s the plan, I’m just going to keep going and compete as long as I can but we’ll take it 1 step at a time

LW: I read that you love acting, and you had a role on gossip girl, what other shows would you like to be on?

NL: I don’t know really any opportunity I can get.

LW: You’re working with Dallas Morning News to raise money for several different charities have you been able to see where its making a difference.

NL: Right before the Olympics I was able to donate a lot of signed leotards and pictures which they were able to sell for almost nine thousand dollars just being able to be part of that charity and help the local community is just really important to me.

LW: You’re supporting Supergirl for the cure with the Susan g Komen foundation. Can you tell me about that?

NL: Saving Jane contacted me and asked if Supergirl could be my official song for the Olympics and after the Olympics we decided to team up with the foundation and 10-15% of the profit from purchasing Saving Jane’s song Supergirl goes to the foundation.

LW: What advice would you give to others who are trying to reach their dreams?

NL: Just follow your dreams and always set goals for yourself.

LW: If you could have dinner with three people (dead alive fictional etc.) who would they be?

NL: Lance Armstrong, President Obama, and Taylor Swift.

LW: What is your favorite food?

NL: Sushi

LW: What is your favorite Color?

NL: Pink

LW: What is your favorite Animal?

NL: Dogs

LW: What is your favorite band?

NL: Saving Jane Taylor Swift

LW: What is your favorite book/book series?

NL: The five people you meet in heaven, gossip girl

LW: Who are your biggest role models?

NL: My parents

LW: If you had to move to a deserted island and could bring only three things what would they be?

NL: My phone, a friend, and water

LW: What’s your favorite movie?

NL: The Holiday

LW: Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

NL: Chase Crawford

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on Dec. 4 2009 at 3:03 pm
LindsayLew GOLD, Dallas, Texas
11 articles 0 photos 1 comment
This article is between myself and Nastia for those of you who dont know.