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Deb Pluegar, North Dakota

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

Deb Plueger is from Fargo North Dakota. She has been traveling around when she was a little
girls. She is now fifty four years old and she has been working hard all her life. Deb is also a giving person, she always gives but she never gets anything.

How long have you been working at Larson?

It will be 11 years March 3rd

What's your profession in Larson?

I am a Machine Specialist. I cut eight to nine thousand pieces of rap around for all doors and

What are your shifts?

I work from three P.M. to one thirty A.M. I have been putting in a lot of overtime.

What did you have to do to start working there?

I went to the main entrance to get a application.

Have you worked at Larsons all your adult career?

No, I have done various jobs from cooking to working at a nursing home, taking care of the elderly people. She was also a housewife

What are your hobbies?

I spend time with her family and animals.

What are your favorite things about about a Machine Specialist?

Working by myself , so I can work at my own speed. Another thing is that I can concentrate more without interruptions.

Do you like being a manufacture?

Yes. because I get a little more pay.

Who was your favorite employee to work with?

Jerry, because she is a good worker to work with. Another things is that she a hard worker.

What are the best memories so far working at Larsons?

Eating chicken from Pizza Ranch on Tuesdays. Another thing was exchanging gifts on

What is your most embarrassing moments?

When I fell over a masterpack trying to pull a band out of a box.

What are your funniest moments at work?

Are utility guy telling jokes.

What machines do you all operate?

The only machine I operate is the lift saw. I have ran a lot of other machines until i got the the Machine Specialist job.

Did you have any siblings that worked at Larsons?

My daughter Tina Heesch, she worked there for five and a half years.

What are your benefits?

My benefits are 401k, Profit sharing, Medical insurance, Dental insurance, vision, and Bonuses.

What is your favorite thing to do when working?

Waiting to get off work.

What is the worst thing about working?

Working nights, and being away from my family. I also doesn't get to go to school activities very often.

When do you plan on retiring?

I am undecided.

When you do retire, what are the things you are going to miss the most?

I going to miss the people I worked with for a long time” I am also going to miss running the machine. Another thing is the benefits and the bonuses.

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