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Interview: Sasha

January 10, 2008
By Anonymous

I am interviewing Sasha
Where were u born?

i was born at st.michelles hospital in milwaukee wi

When were you born ?

feb 27,1996

What school did you attend?

congreess elementry school
Who do you live with?

my mom,brother,step-dad
What is your parents name?

What do they do?

mom is cna,step-dad is a teacher
Do you have a good relationship with your guardian.
yes i do i also love them very much
What school do you go to now?

milwaukee renaissance academy
What is your favorite hobbie?

cheerleading is my favorite hobbie
Do you have any siblings?

yes an older brother,my biological dad has eight kids,my step-dad has 5 kids

What are thier names?


Do you have a good relationship with your family?

yes with my real mother and with my step-father.But not with my rael father and he lives along distance.

How would you describe yourself?

intelligenet,smart,kind,loving,evilsometimes ,can be a pain in the botty,

Who do you look up to?

i look up to god,my mom,mystep-dad, and my biggest bother stevenson

What made you feel that way?
when the did wonder ful things for me

How would you describe your family?

i describe my family almost like the perfect family to me not to anyone else........

Do you enjoy your life?

yes i do i enjoy my life i lot i wish i could live on earth a really long time.....

Who is your angel?

my mother and, my auntie rachael

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