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Let's Juggle!

August 22, 2012
By arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
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Contact Juggling is a form of object manipulation that focuses on the movement of objects such as balls in contact with the body. Although often used in conjunction with “Toss Juggling”, it differs from contact juggling in the way it involves the rolling of one or more objects without releasing them into the air. It is divided into three main techniques.

1. Body Rolling means rolling one or more balls around the hands, arms and body. Balance is required to hold the ball in various positions of control.

2. Palm spinning means moving more than one ball on the palm of your hands. Both hands may be used to move the balls.

3. Isolation means moving the ball while the viewers think the ball is in one place. The performer is moving around the ball at this time. (Wikipedia “Contact Juggling”)

I talked to Lyle Wooldridge, who is a contact juggler. He had a few things to say about contact juggling.
When did you first start doing contact juggling?
July 22nd, 2010
What inspired you to start contact juggling?
Back in November of 1999 when I first saw Labyrinth. When I saw that movie, it was the first time I had seen it so I thought I’d try contact juggling.
How many contact juggling balls do you have?
I have 11.
How many tricks can you do? Were they hard to learn? Why?
I can do 37. They were hard to learn because I had to keep the balls balanced and I needed to learn the right flow or it doesn’t look good, so it took a lot of practice.
What is your favorite trick? Why?
The bridge, the U.F.O., and the Enigma.
Can you see yourself doing contact juggling for the rest of your life? Why?
Yes I can. With the flow and variations of contact juggling I can make peace, comedy and fear. So I can make people feel all different emotions.
Do you think others should try contact juggling? Why?
Yes, but only if they want to. It’s their choice really. If they want to do it then that’s awesome, but if they don’t, that’s fine too. But if you don’t like it, then don’t ruin it for others.
What a fun way to entertain yourself and get others attention. He really seems to enjoy it and it seems like a great way to practice balance as well as hand eye coordination. It’s something everyone can do. if you have time, the ability and the nerve, get a ball and juggle!

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