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An Artist in the Making

February 12, 2009
By Anne Boyle BRONZE, Madison, New Jersey
Anne Boyle BRONZE, Madison, New Jersey
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As far as interviews go, this one might have taken the cake. Before me there was a stout eighteen year old girl standing on a chair, flailing her arms about her like she was a chicken with the head cut off. Dressed in her Obama '08 sweatshirt, plain tank top, and lavender yoga pants, she was a sight to behold. An endless stream of babble about the 80's rock group, The Misfits, came out of her mouth while I sat in my chair, crying from the monstrous laughing attack that had come on. Morgan F. was the focus of my interview, and there couldn't have been a better subject.

For my first question, I decided to ask about her passion, art. 'So Morgan, what is you biggest inspiration for your art?' This was a question I was personally interested in, because being one of her friends I had seen my fair share of her art.
'It's weird to say this but, my inspiration comes from my musical past. My biggest influences are Angus Young, who is crazy and wild, and Freda Kahlo who's art was without consideration for the public.' This was interesting to me, because surrealism seemed to be such an appropriate type of art for Morgan. When I saw her, her eyes were far away, her hands framed her face as fluffs of deep red hair floated around. I never knew that she was a guitarist before she was an artist. Finding that the stubby gnomish fingers could make such beautiful sounds was something I never expected.

My next question was aimed at her goals and aspirations. 'What do you want to do once you leave college?' She waited a moment, face frowning with concentration. 'I'd like to travel, but in order to make this dream a reality, I would have to jump into the real world. Thailand and Vietnam are two destinations, and maybe become an art teacher helping people with their artistic journey.' she said decidedly. Her blue eyes sparkled at the thought of freedom and pursuing that dream. Her soul was always traveling, and it was clear by the look on her face, with eyes far away, and mouth smiling at thoughts of utter freedom.

For my final question, I had to find out more about the real Morgan. Through music. 'So Morgan, can you tell me who your favorite band is and why?' Music has always excited Morgan, throughout the entire time I'd known her nothing had made her laugh and dance like music. She deliberated for a moment, noises coming out of her mouth in small whimpers and sighs of indecision . Then Morgan said, 'ACDC because of their insane energy and crazy, eccentric, personalities. Angus Young has that great schoolboy outfit, and they're just insane.' How perfect! The insane energy Morgan had was a perfect match for the crazy stage energy of ACDC. As I looked down to finish up the writing, I heard a shriek and a thud. Looking up, I was startled to find Morgan whaling on an air guitar, singing along to the song, 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.' So I concluded the questioning, and in a whirlwind of lavender and Obama, Morgan Faul wooshed out the room, leaving behind a wacky smile and great aura.

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