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Mom the Teacher

February 17, 2009
By smile:] BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
smile:] BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Q: How did you come about teaching?
A:I worked at a school that dealt with children who have behavior disorders and felt very comfortable there and like I was making a difference.

Q: What good has teaching brought to you?
A: The ability to learn patience and the realization that all children learn in different ways and at different rates.

Q: What bad has it brought to you?
A: That sometimes no matter how hard you try you can't reach all children

Q: Do you plan the retire any time soon?
A: No, I love what I am doing and the students I work with.

Q: How do you handle 'bad' kids?
A: I put myself in their situations, children are not ad their circumstances and environments are bad. You need to be able to look at the 'why' when a child is acting up.

Q: Thinking back in time, name one memory that was the best from your teaching job.
A: When I finally reached a student that was hard to reach or when I am teaching a concept and I see that 'light bulb' go off and realize that they finally understand that concept.

Q: Do you think this memory is an advantage to your job?
A: DEFINITELY, it keeps me going.

Q: How do you handle stress while working?
A: I look for the funny'..I also read the daily comics in the newspaper everyday. It is so important to laugh everyday.

Q: What time do you have to be at work every morning?
A: 7:00 a.m.

Q: Is that a problem?
A: No, my children have to get up earlier but that means they go to bed earlier and that leaves me some down time at night.

Q: When you have a bad say at work what do you do at home to relax?
A: I try not to bring work home with me, I have worked with children that have truly horrible home lives. I try to keep that away from my own children. I also realize that tomorrow is another day.

Q: What subject will be you teaching?
A: I will be working in special education and with children with severe behavior disorders.

Q: Do you like the school your working at?

Q: How are the kids at your school?
A: Typically teenager with extras.

Q: Do they cooperate well?
A: Sometimes, the key is to realize all children really want to learn.

Q: Do they work well with others?
A: Sometimes, you really need to have a feel for the students and to know what their strengths are and their weaknesses

Q: How is your relationship with the kids?
A: I like to think really good, but I also know that the relationship is teacher student.

Q: How often do you ask for a substitution?
A: Only when my children are to sick to go to school.

Q: How many sick days are you offered a year?
A: Twelve a year.

Q: How many vacations days do you get a year?
A: The typical vacations that schools receive, but I do work in the summer planning for the coming year.

Q: How can you help the kids at school make better choices for their future?
A: For the students I work with it is really hard for them to visualize their future and what it may entail. I try to show them that what they do now affects them in the future.

The author's comments:
I interviewed my mom because some day i would like to follow in her footsteps and become a great teacher.

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