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My Home

December 19, 2019
By kendallestabrook BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
kendallestabrook BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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I didn't always live in the house I have now. I used to live in a small dirty condo in the city. I lived on the first floor and my grandmother lived on the second, and my grandfather lived on the third. We moved to wilmington when I was 8, looking for a fresh start. Now i live in the woods in my white house with my mother and my sister. It's a white house but some of it is made of brick. I hated it when I moved in but have grown to like it. 

The front door which was black is now worn down at the bottom from the dogs scratching at it. The kitchen has a tall ceiling and a skylight at the top. In the winter snow falls on it and covers it and makes the whole house a little darker; but It does bring in a lot of light and keeps the house from looking so dark. Some of the walls are painted a sea foam green and some of the other ones have sparkles mixed in with the paint so when the sun hits it just right the wall glimmers. There are little warm lights and salt lamps and candles and decorative pillows and more sparkles. In the winter my mom has little decorative houses that she likes to put around the house. Little beautiful snowy and sparkly houses that the windows light up when you press a button. I feel like she wants to live in a house like that, if she could. That if she could travel anywhere in the world, that it would be to a little sparkly snowy house with windows warm enough to thaw the coldest soul. I could have never imagined that a man once lived in this house. My house is a girl's house. 

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Garin_2424 said...
on Mar. 3 at 3:18 pm
Garin_2424, Granite Falls, Washington
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it is good

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