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My Favorite Mistake: Who came over while I was gone???

October 6, 2021
By Humbertol04 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Humbertol04 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Mom: “We need to talk… who did you bring over while I was gone?!?!”

          It was the beginning of this year when I was at home then all of a sudden my mom said “I’m going out of town to sleep over at your older sister’s house, you and your brothers take care of the house.”

          “Ok,” I responded. Right then and there is where an idea clicked into my head, oh yeah baby I was gonna text my girlfriend to come sleepover. I instantly grabbed my phone and texted her “guess what!”

          “What?” she responded.

          “My mom is going out of town to my older sister’s house to sleep over” I responded back.

          “REALLY?” she responds back excitingly. Before I responded back to this text I already knew that she had the same idea in my mind as me, so I texted her back saying “You should come over?

          She sounded really nervous about it at first saying things like “What if your mom comes back tonight?” or “What if one of your brothers tells her something?” But my crazy ass wasn’t worried about any of that. I was a hundred percent confident that my mom wasn’t going to return home that night or that none of my brothers were going to say anything. So after a couple more messages, she says “Ok I’ll be on my way.”

          This was gonna be the first but surely not the last time my girlfriend was gonna go to my house, so I jumped up out of bed and started cleaning my room to waste time while she got there.

          I finally get the “I'm here,” text and I instantly put my champion slippers on and head out the door. I live in an apartment complex so I had to do a short walk to get to the gate she was waiting for me at. But once I opened that gate door I gave her a hug and kiss and started guiding her back to my spot. The whole way there she’s still asking me “Are you sure your mom isn’t gonna find out?” I swear I was ready to just tell her that if she was so scared she should’ve stayed her behind at home. We finally get to my door and before we walk into the house I tell her “Shhh, don’t make any noise when we walk in there because my brothers are sleeping, and I’m not tryna wake them up.”

          “Ok,”she responded

          We get in the house and my older brother is right there sleeping on the couch already snoring, but man when I tell you that my girl was wearing the loudest shoes ever that after just a couple of steps that she takes my brother wakes up. In my head I was like “DAMN!” but there was nothing I could do but introduce one another to each other.

          “Brother, this is my girlfriend, she's spending the night here,” I told him.

          “Hey, nice to meet you,” he tells her 

           My girlfriend responded, “Nice to meet you too.”

           I continue to guide her to my room and once we get in, (Door Slams…)

           I wake up upset because it’s 7 in the morning the next day and I have to get up for work, so I whisper to my girlfriend “hey, hey, wake up,” and after a few times after me whispering to my girlfriend to wake up she finally does.

          “What time is it?” she asked with a tired voice.

          “It’s 7 and I'm about to go to work, but you could stay here and sleep longer if you want,” I responded.

           She gets up quickly and says “no no no, it's fine ima get up and go home.”

          “Are you sure?” I ask.

          “Nooo, but you're not gonna be here sleeping with me so imma just go home,” she says in a low voice. So we both walk out of the house, give each other a hug and a kiss, she starts heading home and I start heading to work.

          A couple of days later pass by and I’m still thinking my mom has no idea of that night. Until one day after work, I'm just sitting on the couch and my mom asks me “We need to talk… who did you bring over while I was gone?!?!” My heart dropped the fastest it has ever dropped in my life and nodded my head in disappointment because I knew there was no lying my way out of that. After that, my mom lost all her trust in me and I slowly had to regain it all back. To this present day, my mom still doesn’t trust me a little bit but for the most part, she does. And overall I'm just really glad that the whole thing happened because I learned that it’s better to just be straight up with your parents instead of going behind their back to do things because you're just putting yourself into more trouble.

          The moral of the story is don't take your mistakes for granted instead learn from them to help yourself become a better you in life, because trust is hard to gain but easy to lose.


The author's comments:

This piece is about a mistake I made not only about a mistake I made but my favorite mistake that I had made. Why is it my favorite mistake? Because I learned a lot from it and it has helped me with personal growth.

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