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The Beginning

September 11, 2009
By Yessy(: SILVER, Compton, California
Yessy(: SILVER, Compton, California
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After have making so many imprudent decisions year after year, being a disappointment to all my loved ones, there is now nothing left in me but shame and determination. My middle school years weren’t all that great-behavior wise-I look back at them deploring what I’ve done and who I had become. Who was I, you ask? I was an insolent student, a liar, a cheater, an unfaithful friend, a little girl full of ignorance, blaming the world for her troubles.
My history still haunts me. I live every day with the culpability of knowing I’ve hurt so many others in my past that are still not able to forgive me. I don’t blame them, for I still haven’t been able to forgive myself either. It took my dad to kick me out of his house in 2007, to losing all my friends and losing my parents trust and respect, to get me to realize my mistakes and change my ways.
I spend most of my eighth grade year trying to make my peace with God. I felt a new person being created in me. My grades began to change; I smiled a lot more, laughed a lot harder and became a strong, beautiful, confident, smart, genial teen girl.
In the middle of my eighth grade year, my principle at the time, Ms.Zuegates, nominated me to attend a Teen Leadership camp where I would be joining several other individuals from other school districts. Attending that camp made a huge impact on my life. There were many motivational speakers who spoke to us but one that really caught my attention was Scott Greenberg. He was a very intelligent, encouraging man. I could have sworn he was talking directly to me. I could have sworn he knew my past and was letting me know that I am still capable of becoming something in life…that it’s not too late and that I WILL be on top and have an amazing future as long as I allow it.
I am a freshman at Paramount High School now and I must admit, trying to stay focused in school as a teenager for me, isn’t all that easy. There are many distractions around me that cry out my name, making me feel like giving up and going back to my old self. Although that solution does seem like the easy way out of all my frustrations and all my struggles, I know in the back of my mind what I must do.
I dream of one day becoming my parent’s bundle of joy. I want them to see that their once, troubled child, grew up to be the most educated, responsible and independent woman they have ever seen. My dream is to make them proud; they’ve done so much for me and are still going to continue in doing so and I want to show them my appreciation.
More than anything, I’m doing this for myself. That little girl in the past is now annihilated; I am now a teen age girl on her journey to adulthood. I am planning to attend U.C.L.A and major in Drama and journalism. I’m honored to say that I am currently taking a Theatre Arts class and a Journalism class in High School. This is to prove I am serious about my future. Acting and writing is what I love to do and what I want to get out of in life…and I know I will fulfill my dreams.
My intention in writing this article wasn’t to brag about myself but to encourage all freshman high school students. I’m hoping this article will inspire anybody who reads it actually. The beginning of our life starts here in High School as freshman. These next four years is what’s going to determine our future. So choose wisely because today’s actions will be tomorrow’s outcome.

The author's comments:
I wrote this article last year, in the beginning of my freshman year, hoping my journalism teacher will publish it in the school newspaper. I really wanted to send out this message to everybody at my school but unfortunately, he didn't put it in the paper. I'm hoping and praying Teen ink will publish it in their magazine. I might inspire way much more people this way and I'll finally feel accomplished as well.

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