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Too much for the wise?

October 23, 2009
By GoodnightMySomeone SILVER, Sherwood, Oregon
GoodnightMySomeone SILVER, Sherwood, Oregon
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It seems that when life tears us down, we grow the more strong. Though waters as rough as the rapids, we reemerge, beautiful and new. Through sand storms as rash as a whip, we come through, polished and wise. Perhaps god does not put us through heartache and battle to pain us, but rather to teach us. To teach us about the most important things in life, the ones that simply cannot be taught from the bland pages of a textbook. The wise are both cursed and blessed. Cursed for how they became wise. Blessed for what they now know of life, and it’s wonders, both big and small. The wise were us, at a point in time. Naive and innocent, wondering though life happily, enjoying the simple things. Until nature took it’s course, and the earth seemed to come to life, more so than ever before. Water became clearer, and so did life. The sun shone brighter, and so did life. People became more beautiful, and so did life. Sadly there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Too much water, a flood arises. Too much sun, the flowers wither. Too much people, love becomes as deadly as death itself. For this we weep, weep for the loved and the lost, for the found and the fateful. Yet, we should not. For tomorrow is another day, filled with it’s own victories and losses. But what we must always know, is that there’s always someone beside us, ready to fight for the common purpose of life

The author's comments:
I had some friends that were fighting, and I was looking for the brighter side in the whole thing....

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