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Soul Mates

December 6, 2009
By Mangoz SILVER, La Mesa, California
Mangoz SILVER, La Mesa, California
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Grass brushed my leg, voices linger on and our eyes meet. Hazel, like caramel they make me melt as I swim in there innocence. Like magnets our eyes are stuck forever; we stare before the attraction dies and we look away. Once we lose connection reality returns and everything remains the same. This is what we thrive on the climax of our days; something that brings a smile to the frown. These moments are precious and personal; no one else notices when our eyes speak without saying a word. No one ever speaks of it for they wouldn’t understand; but yet there opinions are all heard. We look for answers in each other because when we speak words can’t be found. Our eyes tell our story and allow are walls to fall down giving answers. We are held back by one last hurdle; the fork in the road. The little interaction hurts us both because we know that there’s so much more we could offer the other.
I flick at a fallen leaf, lost from its home disconnected from the life that supported it. A white pair of converse squishes the leaf showing no mercy. I look up but it’s not him just another selfish boy young, carefree, and immature. He stood out, his clothes so nice, hair parted just right the way I loved. He was someone who cared about his presentation and understood first impressions. I turn slightly and see him the twinkle in his eye, his smile, and the dimples as he laughs.
It’s gone; our moment it won’t happen again until tomorrow so we must wait and remain with only smiles. Fortunately, this isn’t the last time I will see my knight today, for Spanish is also an exciting routine. We sit side by side with a casual glance, harmless and tension builds around us. Greetings are short and small talk is wasted because class has begun and all the words could not be said. We long for the courage to be the one who truly spoke about what we knew was there and yet we are always left silent. How is it that one person can make everyone else seems to disappear in a room? Whatever it is he has the power to suck all other life out so that I am left alone with him and only him. Weak and powerless when were around each other wearing are vulnerability on us like a second skin. Moments that we cherish, and ones that we’ll always live on; for we all have had that person who makes us this way.

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