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The bottom of my cup

December 20, 2009
By justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
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Right now, I have a cold. Sore throat, coughing, nose completely stuffed, body aching. Those little nugget things under my chin are all swollen. I feel like c***.
Dad made me some tea. He said that it would make me feel better. I want to drink it all and clear my sinuses, but I'm afraid. Afraid that it'll burn me. That my tongue will get all swollen and my cheeks will flair with heat. I'm too afraid of it to believe it will help me.
Finally, after staring at the cup for what feels like hours, I take a spoonful, and I blow on it. I blow it again and again, my nose sniffling, and then I take a sip. A small, timid sip. Its cold. Cold tea won't make me feel better. Cold tea won't let me believe. It just makes me feel worse.

The author's comments:
Mildly pointless. Mildly disappointing. Sorry I didn't get better. I wish I did to. *sniffle*sniffle*

By the way, major symbolism. Think hard.

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