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January 7, 2010
By Heather Bergeron SILVER, Houston, Texas
Heather Bergeron SILVER, Houston, Texas
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The loud, high-pitch jingle of Daisy’s charms on her blue, white, and gray slanted striped collar reassured me that she was not ready to leave her friends. I turned
around to see Daisy stopped with a
curious look on her face. Her brown
human looking eyes pointed perfectly
straight in the direction of her best
friend, Lulu. Her perfectly curled tail
began to wag faster and faster as Lulu
approached the white wooded gate with dog protecting slats in the center. Her small, stubby feet resumed to a faster speed to greet Lulu. As she ran towards the gate, her red and white bandanna flapped into her face because of the wind; however, she continued on. The snowy white, static looking hair on the upper part of Daisy’s legs was thicker looking than the lower part of her legs because the lower part of the legs had become wet from the rain earlier that evening. For a brief minute or two, Daisy disappeared behind the corner of the sparkling fire truck red painted wall, and when she returned, I noticed the hair under her mouth was dripping with water. “Come here Daisy! It’s time to go home now,” I said as I waved my hand from her
direction to my direction. I could tell she was happy
to go home and take a nap because she had a full day
at Houston Dog Ranch; however, she had a feeling
it was the last time she would see Lulu because he
was moving to Belgium. The sad, disappointed look
on her face made my heart sink knowing that she was
upset. Even though Lulu has moved and not returned, Daisy has made many other friends and enjoys playing with them when she can. She taught me that sometimes things are not always great, but you have to make the best of them.

The first piece of writing I wrote was a short narrative. This paper was about how a dog can teach a person valuable lessons. The strength of my paper was that I included the right amount of detail. This helps the reader understand the actions and characteristic of the character more clearly. The weakness of my paper was that I did not include a lot of dialogue which is what keeps the audience more involved.

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