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The Unexpected Things

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Couple of days ago, there was more drama. I called my boyfriend three times, and he didn’t answer. But once he got home, he called me right away.

Ring ring ring...

He ask, "Hello, are you going to come over?"

"Yeah, Ill be there in a minute."

Hung up...Two seconds... Ring ring ring... I answer the phone.


"Don’t, come down yet. My ex is two houses away from you and she's waiting for you. Just wait until everything is clear."

"Okay! Buh bye!"


Thinking, of what should I do. Just walk down there and prepare for a fight even though my head hurts and my eyes are losing focus.

But instead my phone started to ring, drifting my thoughts away. I immediately answer the phone.


"Hey its going to be awhile until you can come here."

In the far distance background I could tell his mom was in a bad mood.

She was screaming, "No! Tell her that I’m going to pick her up!"

He said, "Alright, well just stand at the porch and she will come and get you."

"Okay! I will!

I can hear the car screeching when the car came near me. We went back to the house, pulled up the driveway, and I tried to get out, but the mom told me to not leave the car lets see what his ex girlfriend is trying to do.

His mom and I stared at the car and it did a U-turn. His mom rolled down the window.

She yelled, "LEAVE! Just go! Leave now or I will have to call on the cops for harassing my son!"

His ex girlfriend was begging, "PLEASE! I’m begging you just let me talk to your son. I really love him. Please just let me talk to him!"

His mom and I saw Jesse standing by the door.

"Jesse get back in your room I don’t even want you to come out.(Turn to his ex) No! I’m not going to let you talk to my son. LEAVE NOW!"

His mom pulled to the driveway and told me to just go in the house. I slightly open the door getting prepare if she was going to strike me or not.

"Mary, close the door let me go around and pick you up from the other side and go inside the house. You hear me!"

"Okay, I will!"

She walked around the car and open the door and told me to go inside the house. I didn’t have time to shut the door hard, because his mom already push me to go inside the house.

His ex was still screaming and begging to just talk to Jesse. I could hear it from Jesse's window. His mom yelled back and slammed the door shut.

By this time his ex ran out of the car and she was on her knees banging hardly on the door. Just begging repeatedly to talk to Jesse. Jesse went to pick her off the floor, and told her to leave.

It was me, Jesse, his mom, and his brother. They were just talking about what was going on. His mom told me that she don't want me to walk alone anymore, because no one knows what Jesse's ex would do to you. She told me whenever I feel like coming down here just to call and right away I will pick you up even if I’m busy or not. She left the room and Jesse turn towards me and started to talk to me.

"See! That’s how you know my mom really likes you."

His ex hacked on his aim and apologize to me for what happen that she didn’t mean it to happen like this. I was like by the way she acts this isn’t really her true self. She told me that she knew that I was kind of afraid of her. Because her cousin told her that I ask her if she hated me.

I typed back, your cousin, I didn’t tell her anything. She told me that I didn’t have to worry, because I was younger than her, and that she really didn’t have anything against me, and there's no point of doing anything to me.

In my thoughts I was like all of the things she sent me is bs. I was trying to be nice the best I can but all the things I type back was with an attitude.

I told Jesse about it and he told me to log off and don’t talk to her. I didn’t actually listen to him so he went on and kick her off.

The next day, he told me, "Don’t believe what she says!"

"I won’t, I know she don’t act that way in real life."

"I was on the phone with her and she told me when she sees you that she would just get out of the car and start to hit me. And she told me you have fake friends."

Fake friends, that was what make me even more madder, who would try to talk about me behind my back.

I remember he took a prescription that the doctor told him to take. He was drowsy so I let him go to sleep. It was me and his mom.

This time, we actually had a nice conversation then the other times. We talking about how him and his ex got in a fight in the driveway.

She told me that his ex got him mad so he told her to get out of his car. She went around to his side and bang on the window. His mom hear all the arguing and she open the window and told his ex if I was you I should stop. But instead, she started to bang harder, and Jesse got mad and open the car door and she flung away from the car.

Then she started to tell me that once he came over here everything started to go disaster on him when he met her.

I told her what’s been bothering me lately. That I tried to tell him on aim but I didn’t. She told me what’s bothering you. I told her the pictures of his ex on the wall. She told me to tell him, "If you love me, you will take the pictures of her off for me." She told me his ex told him that to before and he did take it off for her so he should do the same thing to you.

The next conversation is about how she said if she saw me that she would get out of her car and hit me.

His mom told me to don’t worry she won’t put a hand on you. And you can press charges on her, because she is older than you.

But things change for a reason... We can’t be together even though we went though all that drama. Its because my parents they are strict and they don’t want me to have a boyfriend until I finish high school.

He told me that he isn’t ready to start another relationship. And we can’t be in a relationship, just not now. Unless my parents sign a stating paper that gives us the right to see each other. He also told me that it was a hard thing to tell me, because he got so attached to me. And to don’t let it get to me.

It kinds of to late it hurts my heart deeply to wait again. Because I don’t want to go through this. But I guess I have to wait. When he passes by I can’t look at him with a smile. I just stared like as if I don’t like him no more.

I called him in the morning just to say good morning. But he even told me that he wave and smile, but me, it looked like I didn’t want to look at him.

Its hard for me to think about him, because when I do all that comes out is tears. So I just dance my heart out to get rid of the pains. For now, I will just wait and let him return back into my arms, and wish that we would once be together again.

Well, I’m guessing what I wished and believed in, happened. I love to be in the relationship, but I just hate the on and off trip. I want to stand straight up high, not falling and trying to get back up.

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