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January 21, 2013
By Nikagama GOLD, Winlock, Washington
Nikagama GOLD, Winlock, Washington
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A girl with a bird she found in the snow
Then flew up her gown and that's how she knows
That God madr her eyes for crying at birth
Then left the ground to circle the earth

At school I have a million nicknames. 'The Nerd', 'The Loser', 'The Teachers Pet’, 'Maggie', 'Emo' , 'Miss South’ (thank the teachers for that one). And yet, neither one labels me. It’s impossible to label a label-less person. And yet, I do have a label. I’m labeled as the girl with big green eyes and short boyish brown hair and is exceedingly average looking, I’m the girl who can laugh at herself for tripping over her big feet, I’m the girl who can be hurt in the name of the greater good, I’m the girl who loves to dream but can’t stand being asleep in fear that she's missing something in life, I’m the girl who waits for the impossible and the girl who hides when she’s supposed to seek. I’m that loud, proud girl from Tennessee who loves her accent and her heritage of Puerto Rican and Irish blood. I’m that girl so full of life, the girl whose brother died, and the girl who stands up for what she believes in with others screaming in her face. But most importantly, I’m the girl who doesn’t care about what people think about her. But for all u know, I do. So I do have a label. My label is Me. I’m not a nerd, I’m not a jock, I’m not a prep...I’m me. So now u have a piece of me to carry around in your pocket. Or at least a piece of me to store in your mind. Think about it. Live long, love yourself, dream big.

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