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Into The Potterverse

April 3, 2014
By Bookception SILVER, Wasilla, Alaska
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Bookception SILVER, Wasilla, Alaska
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Author's note: I wrote this at first for Creative Writing, but it very quickly became an idea that screamed for me to turn it into a multi-chapter story about overcoming the demons you hide inside yourself! I think that as I write this Anna Granger will continue to amaze and inspire me, as she rediscovers joy and courage.

The author's comments:
Angst fest for all! Sorry if this is super depressing for a chapter one, but I needed to give you readers a good idea of her back story, so her actions don't seem weird. Hope you enjoy!

I sighed, as I walked through the front door of my crappy, cheap apartment, and glanced longingly at the kitchen, thinking of all the great food in there, before I hastily picked my way to my room. Once there I flopped down on my lumpy bed. I had a bad day, meaning I would have loved to devour every single morsel of food in the kitchen, but rules were rules…

I shuddered looking at the plate of cookies, set out to test me, as I recalled the last time I fell for it and failed her test…

It had been last year, and I had a down right offal day at school because a boy I liked turned out to be a jerk. He used me and hurt me, and when I finally hand enough and broke up with him, that dick went and told the whole school how I was in bed.

Needless to say it had hurt, and I was the laughing stalk of the school.

Imagine spending the whole day being called a slut, a whore, and a skank. Sucks doesn’t it? I actually cried in public. Of course I quickly fled to the sanctuary of the bathroom, where I was met with cold sympathy. That’s where you’re in emotional pain, and they pretend that you don’t even exist.

The only good thing that came from that day was that a girl named Hanna beat the tar out of Kyle! The next day I received my first dose of warm sympathy, which as you can guess is where they try and make you feel better. Hanna became my best and only friend. She was true and loyal; she helped me learn to deal with the pains of everyday life. A lesson my parents should have taught me.

My eyes grew misty, as I edged away from the plate of warm goopy cookies. I couldn’t help, but remember the way my mother had reacted, when I so stupidly gave in and ate the cookies that day…

“ANNA!” came her squawky pitchy voice, as she slapped me in the face, nocking me to the ground, “You fat little prick! Did I say you could eat!”

I shuddered in fear as her boney body pitched over to me, screaming, “You wonder why you have absolutely no friends! It’s because you are a fat little-”

“My boyfriend didn’t think I was fat!” my eyes went wide with fear, as that little mistake flew from my mouth, and Helen straitened herself up.

“Of you have a boyfriend, now hug! Why haven’t I met him?” the blonde snickered, “You too embarrassed of your family to let any of your freaky little friends met us?”

“N-no! And I broke up with Kyle toda anyways, so it doesn’t even matter!”

“You are lying.” Her hateful eyes regarded me coldly, “He dumped you because you are FAT! F-A-T! FAT!”

I cried and she beat me. My father got home, and then he beat me. He beat my mother, and in turn she beat me. Somehow it was my fault… It took Hanna six entire months to get me to open up to her and let her see the demons I hide from… The demons I hide from the world… She then told me to read Harry Potter.

I couldn’t help but turn into a pile of tears, when Vernon called Harry’s friends freaky little friends. Then they starved him… It hit too close to home, but it made me feel less lonely in my pains. I wasn’t the only one going through this, even if the only other person I know is going through this, just so happens to be a fictional character. That was the first time I said, “I wish I could go to Hogwarts…”

But seeing as I didn’t have that lovely option, I did the next best thing. I went to my room, pulled out a book with a foggy pea green novel, and began to read. This would be my third time reading the book. Honestly there were few pleasers I could have in my life, and for the love of fiction, Harry Potter and my friend Hanna would be my only joys!

NO ONE COULD TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME!!! Not even my food hatting mother and booze loving alcoholic father! Hanna gave me back my smile, and Harry gave me back my laugh. Together they saved my life…

Six months ago, six months into our friendship, I was raped by Kyle, when he asked me to take him back. He said he’d changed. Obviously he hadn’t. He responded by saying he only wanted me for sex, and then he pushed me into an empty classroom, down onto the teacher’s large dark brown mahogany desk, and ran his hand up her thigh. I thought to myself –Good Loor! I wish I hadn’t worn a skirt today!

After he had finished with me, I laid there crying for a very long time because that prick had flat out raped my virginity out of me! He stole it! Once I had dried my puffy red eyes, I went to the bathroom, with my bottle of Advil that I carried with me for mistral cramps, and looked in the mirror, looking at my reflection, like Malfoy had done in the sixth movie. Pain and distress clearly visible.

I held the bottle to my lips, but then I was tackled right to the ground, and those lovely salmon colored pills went scattering across the floor. Above me I could see the red dyed hair of my friend Hanna’s hair, as she cried at me for being stupid, and then something about not scaring her like that again.

I have been sitting on my plain nondescript twin sized bed devouring this amazing book, since retreating to my room, laughing to myself due to the fact I had been so dense because it was only now I was reading the Harry Potter books. Yes, I had watched all eight movies five times over and fantasied about going to that amazing school, but it wasn’t until my friend Hanna ordered me to. I think it’s because I share the same last name as Hermione, but I’m just guessing because yes, my name is actually Anna Granger.

Honestly I was getting tired of being mocked by the Potterhead Nazis teasing me for that fact. They loved to say things like ten points to Gryffindork, whenever I got a good grade. I had quickly given up the battle of answering questions aloud during class. Actually I was starting to crash my grades on purpose because no one wants to get called Granger or Mudblood by those jerks… I let out a small choked laugh at the thought. Did I really just describe myself, just like I was Hermione? Good grief, Kyle and his brain dead lackeys would think that was just priceless!

But I am trying to have a good time so no there was no time for me to be dwelling on that heartless jerk, I thought as I turned to the next page which just so happened to be page 394. It just so happened to be that this was book six in the series, and was about to continue reading, when all the words sank into the page, thus turning it blank.

“What the in the name of fiction!” I nearly cursed at the book, “I was reading that!” And then for some reason there was an odd sense of deja vu sinking into me… I thought back to the second book, when Harry had decided to write in Tom Riddle’s diary… I grabbed hold of the nearest pencil and began hastily scratching words onto the page. I choose the pencil in the event that my outlandish theory was incorrect because if I was wrong, then I wanted my book intact.

Hello, my name is Anna Granger.

Hello Anna, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.
I assume you know who I am.

Umm… Tom Riddle?

No, look at the cover!
You’re reading my book...
I’m J.K. Rowling.

Oh, I love your books!
I almost feel like I belong in the Potterverse instead of my own world…
It would be a better life there anyway…

What do you mean by that Anna?
Don’t you like your current life?

Do you think I would fit in the wizarding world any better?

I have an idea…
How about I just show you...

Suddenly the pages began turning, and when they finally stopped I could see the image of Dumbledore’s office, and I was sucked into the Potterverse. Of course I knew that would happen, once I had read the words How about I show you. But it was hard to believe. But believe it I would! It may just be my freedom from Kyle and his goonies! An escape from my scars…

Once I had regained my wits, I immediately felt a bubble of excitement at the sight of the cluttered office and plush chair I had fallen into, but most of all the old man behind the desk, with his twinkling eyes and long silver beard.

“Ah Miss. Granger, I’ve been expecting you.” Dumbledore said pleasantly, “Rowling told me to expect you.”

I looked at the man in awe, as I asked decided to ask a very good question, the big how, “How in fiction did I get here?”

“My good friend Rowling let you enter our world, and before you asked, no. This world would not exist without her” Dumbledore said, as I thought to myself – I wonder if this world already existed, before J.K. Rowling wrote about it.

“Umm... Okay then… Thanks, now that I’m here, what do I do? Is it okay if I alter the plot line, or if I-”, I began asking questions at a rapped fire pace but stopped the moment that the Headmaster chuckled, “Oh Dear, it fine if you do. Do whatever suits your fancy! Whenever you leave our world, the book will have your adventures recorded in it, and even then it will be the same size, and the only copy that will have changed is yours.”

I smiled, but then that smile inevitably faltered, as I gasped, “If I’m here… Then can I use magic? Am I still a Muggle?”

“Did you think that the great Rowling would leave you defenseless during these dark times? No, you have magic, and from what I can tell, very powerful magic. I shall send for Hagrid, and he’ll take you to your vaults at Gringotts, then you may prepare for the term.”

“But I don’t have a vault- Let me guess, my favorite author took care of that as well?”, the jolly old man nodded, before I asked in a nervous voice, “Umm... So in the minds of the students am I new here?”

“Yes, but even in our world Harry’s adventures are known by all. So you have no need to worry about knowing all about his adventures, and if you’re worried about where you’ll live, during the summer you may stay with Granger. I do think the two of you will get along rather well.

“Thanks, but shouldn’t you ask her first?” I asked feeling very confused, even if it slightly stung that I was being stuck with her because that just meant I would be gaining a new Kyle. However this Kyle Hendricks was going to be a pompous blond, silver eyed git… Great, thanks Dumbledore that’s just what I need, Hermione’s reputation and name to gain new tormentors!

Why couldn’t he just change my last name? I mean come on! This is a new start for me! I bet I’ll even get Gryffindor because of the name! I sooooo can’t wait to hear a teacher saying, “Ten points to Gryffindor, Miss. Granger!”

A twinkle came from his eyes, as he said, “I asked her last week. You see Rowling and I have been making the arrangements for a person from your world to come for a while now. Now here is a book bag for your shopping in Diagon Alley; also if you look inside you’ll find your copy of Harry Potter that brought you here. Do not fret, if you wish to transudate it to make it appear to be one of our books, it will still retain its words and magic” Sure enough, when I looked inside it was, but there was my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The headmaster laughed and quickly explained, “I think you already know that if you turn to page 394, and you will find a blank page. It is there that you will be able to communicate with our dear friend Jo Rowling. Also if you ever have the wish to return to your world, just let her know. The same will work for coming back to our world, but do not worry the flow of time will stop in whichever world you are in.”

I couldn’t help but laugh inside my head, when the old headmaster had said turn to page 394 because now I was going to laugh once I finally met the greasy git, and I knew he could tell because his eyes twinkled with delight, as he said, “Alright, Hagrid is just outside of the door. Come back here once you’ve finished your shopping. Then you should go retrieve some things from your home. Also, if you should feel inclined to inform your parents that you will be attending then I would allow it. You should keep the number of people who know to a minimum though.”

I nodded to Dumbledore, before I slipped out through his office door and smiled up at Hagrid, and before I could stop myself I was already saying, “Hey there Hagrid! It’s totally awesome to finally meet you!”

The half giant just blinked at me in confusion, “How’d yah know that I be Hagrid? Ave I met yah before? No, you said for de first time…”

“No, I-I-I” I looked back at Dumbledore’s office for a quick moment, before pulling a Divergent and being very Euridite by saying, “Dumbledore told me that you were waiting out here for me.”

“Oh! Well, at’ makes sense… Err… What’s yur name?”

“Oh, the name’s Anna Granger!” I said with a smile flicking my short brown hair out of my eyes. Yeah, I have super short hair, and I love it. It makes me feel rebellious and edgy. I was trying to get my parents to let me get it dyed, but sadly they said that would be inappropriate. Don’t get how though because black is just a color. Plus, I have no idea how a certain hair style is inappropriate!

“Oi! Granger? Er you related to Hermione Granger or something?” the giant man asked in surprise and realization.

Oh crap, Dumbledore didn’t tell me what to say in the case of this kind of question, so I decided to just try and improved it, as I nodded saying the only sensible thing I could think up in that single stinking nano-second, “Yeah, I’m her cousin. I’m the daughter of her Uncle Erin!” Erin is actually my dad, but I don’t even know if Hermione has an Uncle Erin, let alone an uncle! However Hagrid seemed to accept this and we hurried up and left for Diagon Alley.

This year is sure to turn out odd, but I am looking forward to it in every aspect of the thought. Even if Dumbledore is going to get killed… Hey! I can stop that!

As we made our way to the stores, I looked up at Hagrid with a sense of joy and pride. I couldn't wait to see how this year would turn out! The only thing missing was my best friend Hanna…

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