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The Trouble Love can bring

December 10, 2019
By GracieReamer, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
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GracieReamer, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
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Author's note:

This piece was a product of my love for the musical Six. It allowed me to become fascinated by the story of his wives and how they lived. 

When I feel myself start to wake, I can only feel the icy temperature of the floor underneath me. I open my eyes to get a look at my surroundings, I am bewildered to find that my eyes can see nothing. My fear is soon calmed when my senses start to kick in and I feel the heaviness of a material over eyes. I try to move my hands to remove the thing blocking my eyesight when I am met with resistance. I hear the deep clang of a chain rattling when I try to move my hands. I can only come to the conclusion that my hands are chained. I move my hands where I can reach and I find the harsh cold is coming from the stones underneath me. I start to feel a strange rush of fear coming over me, my mind is telling me to leave. I start to stand when I think, what if my feet are chained up too? I stand up to happily realize that my feet are not chained. Now I have to solve the problem of my hands. I tug hard when I hear the chain make a  loud thunk noise. I give one more hard pull, which causes me to fall back down on the floor. Quickly scrambling my feet to get back up, I finally remove that blasted material away from my eyes, which allows me to look at my surroundings. Right in front of me, I see a cell door, when I turn around I see a small opening of this room with some sort of bars across the whole frame. Behind that little opening, I see the sun start to come up, which adds some light in this small room. I stand there trying to remember how I got there when it finally dawns on me. I am in King Henry’s Castle, well not really his castle more like his jail cell. You must be wondering how I got myself into this predicament, well I will tell you.    

What most people do not know of King Henry is he loves to joust, he would spend many days on the field jousting. Well on one fateful day, he had an accident. As he was practicing the house started acting all wild and then through the King on to the ground. They called for a servant to help and tend the wounds, I just happen to be close mending the garden, this is where our story will take place.

“You! Servant! You know about the King’s herbs! Come help, the King has fallen off his horse.” I dropped what I was doing and grabbed the herbs that I thought would benefit a couple of different things since I was not sure what was wrong. As I run to the King I see people rushing after the horse trying to calm the horse down, so no one else would get hurt. I kneel down and examine the King. He is on his side and facing away from me, I turn his body to examine him better. All I can see is some small droplets of blood on his head, I take the cloth that I brought and gently dap it on his head. I then asked one of the other servants, that have finally arrived, 

“Would you please get me a bucket of water?”.  The girl quickly nods and runs to complete my request, which is then when I hear a small groan coming from under me. I look to see King Henry opening his eyes to look up at me. “Do not worry sir, I will make sure you get better.” I do not get a reply as he soon closes his eyes and goes back deep in his subconscious. Finally, the young girl comes back with some water and sets it down by me. 

“Thank you. What is your name?” 

“ My name is Anne ma’ma. Is there anything else I can do?” 

“Yes, would you please go get Sir Cronwell.” Anne quickly scampers off, to soon come back with Thomas Cronwell. “Mr. Cronwell, we must move the King to his royal bedchamber.” 

“As you say, servant, the medic is off today, you will have to take care of the king, for you are the only one that has the training” 

“Yes sir, I will help right away,” I quickly jumped up and helped move the King.

Through that whole week, I ended up taking care of the King, along with the help of Anne.

It was then when I felt myself growing fond of the young King. During the times that he was awake, he would talk with me and tell me stories. Most would be fiction that he would make up, but he would also explain the actions that he took to help serve the nation. With that, I could finally understand why I felt myself growing these feelings. I got to see the softer side of King Henry that most people, not even his wife and nation got to see.

The sun is low below the trees when I finally finish in the garden for the day when I hear the bell sounds for the royal announcement. I felt my heart skip a beat and I know I could not stand to see them announce a new marriage. I go up the stairs to the kitchen door when I see Anne cleaning dishes. 

“So after a long hard day, this is what you’re doing? Do you not want to go home?” 

“Ms. Kathrine is making me do the dishes for ‘not being on time today’ so why are you here?” 

I look at her for a while before saying, “I just do not know if I can stand it anymore Anne” 

“Well…”, she pauses in thought before continuing, “you could always tell him and see what happens, besides what’s the worst that could happen?” 

“Well in the worst-case scenario, I could end up with a broken heart.” Anne stops cleaning to finally look me in the eye, “Please Alice, you are the only one who knows how to tend the garden”

I think about her answer for a while until I finally say, “You know what? You’re right! I am going to tell him now.” I rush towards the door leading to the hallway, while I hear Anne cheering me on. 

I finally reach his bedchambers and knock my normally three times, after a while, I finally hear the gruff reply. I enter and see the King looking over the balcony near the window, “My King can I tell you something.” When he turns around to look at me, I feel my stomach flutter and start to get nauseous. “My Lord I…..I wanted to tell you…” before I can speak anymore I hear his deep gruff voice interrupt me, 

“Let me guess, you wanted to confess your undying love for me and wanted to know if I felt the same.” I stare up at him with my mouth opened and before I can ask how he knows this, he answers before me, “You should really be careful about who is around when you speak, you never know who might be listening.” I do not have time to speak as the door burst open, where I can see two guards rush in and then nothing.

So now you know, I was a servant that foolishly fell in love with a king. Not only was I foolish to feel affection, I let someone hear me. No matter, I am a dolt. To think the worst thing that could happen would be losing my heart. For now, I will lose my head, along with my life. I walk up the steps to the guillotine where I am struck with a fleeting thought, I will never feel this hot bright sun on my face. For all of the days that I worked in the garden and walked up those steps I cursed the sun, but now I would give anything to feel the sun on my face for just a few more moments. Then I feel my wish being granted. The hot heat I used to hate, will now always be a part of me.

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