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Just Dance

January 23, 2016
By ObsessedPanhead BRONZE, Avonmore, Pennsylvania
ObsessedPanhead BRONZE, Avonmore, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Normal? What's that? It's a setting on a washing machine-nobody wants to be that,"-Ashley Purdy


This story follows a repeating freshman girl, Jess Kortez. She tends to be awkward, and not that interested in romance-heck she doesn't even have a crush! Mainly, she is trying to get everything done and getting ready for a music competition. With her busy life, can she really let loose and rock out? 

Hehe...Read ooooooon! Also-dodododododo com-ment!

I'm serious, good, bad, anything :D ADIOS!

Eliana K.

Just Dance

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