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No, You Cannot MAG

November 6, 2008
By Kayla Bruner, Cypress, CA

It is a new nation,
a nation that proudly proclaims:
“Yes we can.”
But what power holds “yes we can,”
when America has told many of our
brothers and sisters
“no, you cannot”?
You cannot follow your heart.
You cannot move forward.
You cannot take a hand.
You cannot break the mold.
“Marriage is a holy bond
for a man and a woman
it is not yours to taint,” they say.
Where is the future?
Relentlessly we must
keep striving for a better day.
We must stop this hatred
and bring about change in the
wake of defeat.

The author's comments:
This piece was written after Prop 8 was passed in California, a national tragedy at the state level.

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SaraB. GOLD said...
on Apr. 19 2009 at 1:33 am
SaraB. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
12 articles 6 photos 215 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Whatever you are, be a good one" Abraham Lincoln

Amazing. I sort of share your views on this one, and I think it's beautiful that you can articulate what you feel here. Keep writing!

Reese said...
on Apr. 17 2009 at 11:31 pm
Reese, Laurel, Maryland
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Mortimer Brewster: Uh-huh. And what does a rooster do?
Teddy Brewster: Crows.
Mortimer Brewster:... It crows. And where do you hunt in Africa?
Teddy Brewster: On the veldt!
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Teddy Brewster: Ingenious! My compliments to the boys in the code department.

Really LOVE the poem it's awesome....And Prop 8 really sucks I was hopeing they woudn't get it passed.......Hopefully one day very soon people will be more open minded and not be so stupid.......Again really awesome poem.

on Apr. 16 2009 at 7:06 pm
kissingdawn331 SILVER, Palatine, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"when your hourglass runs out of sand you can't flip it over and start again."(changes weekly so check next weeks l8er)

wow really nice way to get your views around and discrimination cool ;)

Descant GOLD said...
on Mar. 22 2009 at 9:27 am
Descant GOLD, Huntington Beach, California
15 articles 40 photos 26 comments

Favorite Quote:
"A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened" –Albert Camus

Very true. I wish I'd been old enough to vote down that abomination against human rights. People shouldn't be able to deny happiness to others just because the idea of it makes then uncomfortable or some book that recommends stoning witches is also against it (and last time I checked, we were supposed to be against running nations under holy law). It just makes me sick that this kind of bigotry that has been written into our legislature.

FishStark said...
on Mar. 12 2009 at 11:59 pm
FishStark, Harwood, Maryland
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BeccaLynn GOLD said...
on Feb. 23 2009 at 4:20 pm
BeccaLynn GOLD, Milwaukie, Oregon
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That is Really Good

xXsmileXx said...
on Feb. 18 2009 at 10:43 pm
Wow, i just wrote an essay for school about the same topic! I completely agree with what you wrote. Great poem, keep writing!

on Feb. 18 2009 at 9:15 pm
I agree. We took a huge step electing an African American president, but with the passing of Proposition 8 in California, it was a huge step back. Spread the Love!!!<3 This was an excellent poem by the way, I really enjoyed it.(:

the truth said...
on Jan. 21 2009 at 9:12 pm
We might not have the ability to do everything we want in this coterie but we are much better off than other coterie.

amatuer said...
on Jan. 13 2009 at 2:18 am
This is differant. and very, very true.

Discrimination is a scourge

spaznkool101 said...
on Jan. 8 2009 at 5:51 pm
i completly agree with this. they always say america is a free contry, but discrimination is keeping it froming being that way.

Sahar_SaiD said...
on Jan. 6 2009 at 7:06 pm
Well I agree and disagree. Everything has a yes and a no. I depends on whos asking and as far as that goes things need a balance...While one person can do one thing...There is just the same amount of people who cant and vice versa. So you can be one sided in this day and time "yes we can" some times and "no we cant others"

We cant fly but its not impossible. Birds can...

We CAN sing...some of us others can sing but dont sound nice. Some of us can and cant do the impossible. That is my point. But I love what you wrote and how you expressed it.

on Jan. 3 2009 at 7:11 pm
This is very well written, but I disagree with it. There will always be things that are just not right, and that we cannot do.

Imagine said...
on Jan. 2 2009 at 12:12 am
If there is one concept I have happily grasped while perusing the opinion column, it is that this generation is so much more open-minded. From gay marriage to religion, we're more eager than any preceding generation to show our differences. So, thank you for writing this. Thank you for showing that our generation not only has an opinion, but we're gonna say it proud. Thank you.

on Dec. 30 2008 at 5:23 am
Excellent poem, and yes, Prop. 8 is a tragedy.

annexgreyz said...
on Nov. 11 2008 at 10:12 am
wow, this is a really good poem and it really stands out from many that i've read. :]