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frozen 2

September 2, 2021
By zaryabgull28 BRONZE, Lahore, Other
zaryabgull28 BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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Synopsis:                                                                                                                                           Alsa was ruling Airedale peacefully after she discovered and explored her powers. As she woke up one day and heard a mysterious sound ( only she can hear) at first she thought of it as a whim and ignores it but it didn’t stop she heard it many times. She tries to discover it and in process of relieving her curiosity she woke up the magical spirits of enchanted forest due to which Airedale has to face consequences. Alsa, Anna, Cristofer and Olaf went to enchanted forest.

The enchanted forest which for centuries didn’t allow anyone to enter and has many secrets deep down hidden which are the answers of the voice Alsa’s hearing.  

REVIEW: It is a fantastic movie with a brilliant story line. It’s suspicious and action as they face many challenges in finding the sound and they found fire spirit, water spirit and land spirit.

The movie includes many new characters as well who play a very important part in the movie. It is a worth watching movie. As it is a second sequel but it payed off. As many people asks me about my favorite Disney animated movie, I had nothing to say but now I can confidentially say that frozen 2 is my favorite movie.

In the movie they introduced many new characters and the magical spirits which kept the kids and elders fascinated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

END: In the end as Alsa discovered the truth about enchanted forest she was accepted as a queen of enchanted forest and Anna was made the queen of Airedale. While Anna and Cristopher married each other and like this the movie ended.

The author's comments:

Frozen 2 is a master piece. I love watching it with my younger siblings and hope you love it too.

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WEIRDCRITIC07 GOLD, Ahmedabad, Other
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I have watched Frozen 2. I must say that I really loved it just like you.