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By kcasey95 SILVER
Grantsburg, Wisconsin
kcasey95 SILVER, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Everything happens for a reason

By JulianaHale SILVER
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
JulianaHale SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
No measure of time with you will be enough. So let's start with forever-Edward Cullen

By hannahhunt BRONZE
Dublin, Ohio
hannahhunt BRONZE, Dublin, Ohio
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candyocotton, Mora, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"You never know what you can do until you try."

By DarkSpartan094
Grants Pass, Oregon
DarkSpartan094, Grants Pass, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"One thing is for sure, his knuckles are stronger than your skull."

By Anonymous
Kati South, Muskegon, Michigan
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satellite23 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Prove it.

By Cronkleton SILVER
Lincoln, Nebraska
Cronkleton SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

By E.J.Mathews GOLD
International Falls, Minnesota
E.J.Mathews GOLD, International Falls, Minnesota
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By dreamer17 GOLD
Tolland, Connecticut
dreamer17 GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
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By Angelea BRONZE
Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Angelea BRONZE, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
“I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.” -William Allen White

By arichman40 PLATINUM
Basalt, Colorado
arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Never judge a book by its cover"

Selden, New York
ELM522 DIAMOND, Selden, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"All those other girls, well they're beautiful, but would they write a song for you?"-"Hey Stephen" by Taylor Swift

Deanie98 BRONZE, Ely, Other
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By HauntMystic BRONZE
Thompson, Pennsylvania
HauntMystic BRONZE, Thompson, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Look on the bright side, you're scrubbing a toilet!" - my brother