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March 22, 2019
By Goodolstevie BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Goodolstevie BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Natalie Hafer

Fugett Middle School (Formally Bayard Rustin High School)

Science Teacher



I can feel myself get smarter as I walk in the room. I don’t like to feel as dull-witted as i do when i’m in here. The bell rings, we start talking and I start a conversation to give myself an excuse when she calls on me and I don’t know the correct answer to give her. Of course, seeing my obvious attempt to escape the class discussion, she calls on me to answer one of her questions. “ is this a prokaryote or a eukaryote?”. Now, i’m not a complete idiot, but the only pro i know is a professional so with that being said, I answered with eukaryote. Now i prepare for my scolding about my lack of focus on dedication.

But the voice that responded to me wasn’t harsh at all. She gently told me that I was incorrect and instead of just telling me I was incorrect and moving forward with the class, she made sure that I understood what a prokaryote is and what a eukaryote is and what the difference is between them. All this in the middle of the class. I walked in that day knowing what a professional is, and left knowing about prokaryotes,eukaryotes, and what it’s like to have a teacher who is fully invested in her students as well as her teaching. Having someone like her educate you gives you more of a perspective on life. And not just biology-wise (biology means the study of life, thanks Mrs. Hafer.

Now, to be honest, Mrs. Hafer and i don’t have much in common. She has an organized way of doing things. I’m more of a “do it now, we’ll talk about it later” type of guy. She can keep focused and keep moving forward no matter what she has in her way. I can’t keep myself together for more than two hours at a time; or if literally anything is going on around me. I thought for sure that we would not get along, and I was right. At first. On the first day I had noticed her and noticed that I had seen her at my other school that i had left. We got along for about five minutes that day. That didn’t change the way she taught me.

Mrs. Hafer is a different type of teacher. She makes the lessons more than just biology. She takes the time to find out what makes you more motivated to do better.She keeps up with you mentally and teaches to your strengths. Shes always looked out for my best interest and the rest of her students. Leaving Mrs.Hafers class gives you more than some information about cells. You leave with more information about yourself.

Paycheck or no paycheck, I believe Mrs.Hafer would do the same thing for others that shes done for me. Shes dedicated to her work and is excellent and her field, as well as in her heart. My respect for her has grown tremendously and i hope others see that as well.

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