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Trying hard to be different? Think again.

March 28, 2011
By Youdontknowme. GOLD, New Delhi, Other
Youdontknowme. GOLD, New Delhi, Other
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Okay, so I dont get why there is this whole fuss about trying to be different, to be unique and special. I really dont. I mean why in the world would you wanna do that to yourself? You know, I notice it everywhere, I hear people saying " I'm different " " I dont think like others do" "You should love me because I'm like no other".
And I wonder why is it that, I everyday, unlike everyone else thinks, today I'm going to fit in like others do and I'm just going to be, like they are. Why?

I mean it's hard man. And I get so irritated when I hear people say this stuff, it makes me angry. Isn't life already hard enough, when everyday you try that maybe today I wont feel like I'm from a distant planet just trying and struggling to somehow, find my way in this world. Aren't things already complicated enough?

And I think to myself either I'm a total mess or others around me live in absolute oblivion, unaware of the pain they are bringing upon their lives and of the others around them. I mean, I would give anything in this world to be like you, be like all of you because then I'd understand what you really feel and then maybe you'd understand my emotions and then maybe we wouldn't spend so much time fighting or judging people or even being sad. Because we'll all be just the same, yet so different from who we are right now, so much more understanding and accepting and in a way more noble.

I tried to understand why everyone thinks that way, you know, because I know I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to being all 'I know I'm right' and I tried, believe me. BUT, it just doesn't make sense to me, like at all. Why would want to separate yourself from other people, aren't these people that make your world worth living? Why would wanna make them believe that they cant understand you when the only think you really want in your life is to be understood?

So, I just want to say that just for a moment think about where is it that you're taking your life? If you want to be misunderstood and feel out of place even when you know deep inside, that you can belong, that you do belong, then go ahead. But then dont except anything from the rest of us, who are in their own ways making an attempt to come closer everyday, realizing the importance of being loved and understood and accepted.
One day, I hope, we'll all be one in a sudden strangeness and we will really know what it feels like to fit in, everywhere we go and with everyone we meet, like it's home :)

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