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October 31, 2016
By jayholliday BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
jayholliday BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
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Hi again. I swear life has hit the  hardest part of life but I would be exaggerating but in my mind I not. And I think it time to come out of the closet I’m tired of making everybody laugh what about me I swear nobody cares how they treat me I have to keep my mouth shut so I don’t make everybody  mad at me so I’m done if someone says something that I don’t like I’m going to say something people are about to make me to the old me and it’s not like I can tell people because then it just makes the situation worse. But why can people  walk all offer me and get away with it so no more. My mouth is going to come back but I will respectful to  the one who earns it and if you don’t. like wild things that Alessia Cara sings I’m tried of walking on eggshells to make people happy so no more. I cant take it no more I to tried of drama so  if I’m  the cause of a big fight then that will make everybody stronger I know that I shouldn’t think of hurting people and I’m not but hopeful it don’t come to that I pray that my friends forgive me for everything I did but I don’t regret it. Because why regret  something you never  did so to those people that make fun of me because I’m different then most teenagers.  What I mean by that every teen is mad about something but when you meat me I’m happy even when people step on my feelings. But that Jade is gone and I don’t think she is coming back  sorry for everybody who liked her but that Jade  long gone for now I’m going to be quite and have my share of peace for once. You can try but ask my friends  there already trying to ask me question why I’m so sad all the time. Yeah in your class I’m laughing all the time but if I don’t laugh I know that I will cry and I cant stand people asking me what’s wrong so that why I have been laughing. Do you ever feel like people talk about you behind your back will I get that all the time with my friends it’s so hard to find true friends so I’m asking why try. I see people trying so hard to get friends why do you wont the pain that comes with it. I don’t wont it no more, right now I wont to  crawl in a hole and die. But I haven’t I can guess I’m really surprised by that but I just  got to keep my head up and hold it all to gather  now you know how the story is about but just to tell you that i'm crazy  if you guys haven’t found out yet sorry to let you people down but I done writing about happy stories and love it ruined me by now.

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the people that thinks it ok to bully and get away with it i would start thinking before they say some stuff

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