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What Love Is

April 24, 2010
By purplefizz95 BRONZE, Sudbury, Massachusetts
purplefizz95 BRONZE, Sudbury, Massachusetts
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the boy could not defend himself
against the mighty world
that's why his parents made harsh rules
and told him that's what caring is

the boy would always cry alone
cause friends were not allowed
and they would only hurt him more
or so they always taught their son

and never did the boy once set
his foot outside the house
and all that mattered was their love
or so he always told himself

and then that man discovered that
he did not have it all
and he's alone in that dark place
the man could not defend himself

The author's comments:
This iambic poem is about overprotective parents who cares more about their son's safety than his well-being. They are so determined to protect their kid that they end up harming him. They home school their son, never letting him out of their sight or even the house, and denies him friends, all for his own safety.

The last stanza could be interpreted in a bunch of different ways; but basically, the boy grew older but was so dependent, so when it was time for him to go out on his own as a man, his parent's struggles to make him safe actually made him vulnerable because he never learned how to be one.

The title can also be interpreted differently, but the main idea is that although the boy is constantly told that he is being protected out of love, he never really learns the true meaning. Another main idea of this poem is irony!

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